Naked Lime Marketing Launches Video Creation Services for Dealership Online Advertising

Packages include the choice of pre-set video themes, custom videos, and voice-over videos

Naked Lime Marketing (NLM) announced today the digital marketing company has added video production services for online advertising for dealerships. The new video service is aimed at meeting a growing need for high-quality video content in dealership online advertising.

“Consumer engagement with video content continues to grow and, with it, advertising dollars are shifting to digital video ad formats,” said Chris Walsh, vice president and general manager at Naked Lime. “However, too often dealerships simply repurpose TV video content without considering the best practices for online digital videos. Our teams know and apply best practices for better results.”

Naked Lime’s creative teams combine custom graphics with video content and imagery to produce the video online ad. These videos are designed to fill a gap for dealers who may not have another practical avenue to produce video content. Videos range from vehicle model-based promotions and dealership branding to custom content.

“Existing content isn’t always a good fit ‘as is’ for all the various channels and platforms out there, which is where our service comes in,” Walsh added. “Advertising on Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter all require different considerations, analyses, and strategies. We have the knowledge and experience to tailor dealership content specifically to fit the strengths and expectations of these disparate platforms and to reach consumers effectively.”

Walsh concluded: “Combining video production with our digital advertising and social media advertising services adds a new dimension that demonstrates our ability to meet all of a dealer’s digital marketing needs.”

Packages include the choice of pre-set video themes, custom videos, and voice-over videos.

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