Structured Snippets: How Do They Measure Up?

Online search results with structured snippets


Ad extensions are used to show additional business information with your ad. They can increase visibility and improve click-through-rate, which can increase ROI.

Google’s latest ad extension, Structured Snippets, is available to any dealership using Adwords. Structured Snippets are generated from content on the website and help visitors decide if they are interested in visiting the site. This content is listed under what Google calls a “Header” and provides very specific information including but not limited to: types, brands, and amenities.


Structured Snippet Example

Dealership Need

Dealers face stiff competition and need to use every means available to drive traffic to their websites. Each new ad extension could potentially lead to higher impressions, clicks, and conversions.


Naked Lime selected sample dealerships and tested a variety of Structured Snippet headers including Styles, Brands, Types, and Amenities.

Comparative chart of click-through-rates for months of October and November, with and without Snippets

The addition of structured snippets on accounts created an increase in average click-through-rate, demonstrating that more consumers found information relevant to their searches.

Graph showing cost-per-click comparison for months of October and November, with and without snippets.

Cost is an important metric to a dealership. While the cost-per-click for November did not see a decrease, its increase was minimal, and due to two locations that reached a higher ad position than in previous months.

Graph showing average search result position for months of October and November, with and without snippets.

The first position of search results can be expensive. Structured snippets help dealers achieve better average positions with lower costs-per-click.


Each test account performed above normal expectations in the measured areas of click-through-rate, cost-per-click, and average search position.


The availability to every dealership combined with the strong results from Naked Lime Marketing’s test accounts, makes Structured Snippets a highly recommended addition to our services.

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