Automated follow-up for declined service work.

Vehicle repairs are expensive, and nearly 35% of Canadians are not confident that they could come up with $2,000 for emergencies if needed in the next month. When customers are presented with additional work, they're likely to decline service, keeping you from earning valuable customer-pay repairs.

Reynolds and Reynolds Advanced Service helps hold advisors and technicians accountable for recommending necessary repairs to customers. But if customers decline your recommendations, they are likely going to independent or quick-lube shops to do the work instead.

Automated follow-up allows you to target customers depending on the urgency of the repairs, so you incentivize them to come back to your drive to get them done.

How it works:

  • Advisors log declined work into Advanced Service with red, yellow, or general flags.
  • Declined notes trigger customized communications to distribute to customers with the recommended work and varying incentives to return.
  • Communications follow a recommended cadence of emails to get in front of the customer at regular intervals.
  • Measures ROI by tracking who comes back and how much additional revenue is generated.
Advanced Service report card with follow-up email

Targeted Marketing for Advanced Service helps keep your current customers coming back for service rather than losing them to independent service drives. Using better data and dealer-branded messaging, the follow-up communications provide ongoing conversions that produce measurable results.

SEO Description
Remind and incentivize customers to return to your dealership for service they previously declined.