What Naked Lime’s Google Partner status means for your dealership.

Google launched the Google Partners program to help businesses like yours with their digital advertising. Dealerships that choose a Google Partner can be confident that their agency has met requirements set by Google and maintained a steady, robust client base.

Naked Lime earned our Premier Partner badge in 2016. This level of certification required us to demonstrate advanced Google Ads knowledge, the ability to handle ad budgets of all sizes, and sustained customer success.

We have also achieved Partner Specializations in Search Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads. Google offers company specializations to show expertise in specific advertising areas. Partners are evaluated on how we implement Google Ads for our clients, growing client usage in the product area, and client retention in that area.

Google Partner Badge

It helps us help you.

Partner benefits:

  • Product trainings and certifications to make sure our specialists are always trained in the latest tools, features, strategies, and reporting to drive your dealership’s success.
  • Executive trainings so our business leaders understand Google objectives and the importance of the experience we deliver to our customers.

Digital budgets continue to grow as a percentage of overall advertising spend. Having a certified, trusted partner protects your investment.

Let's partner up.

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