Paid Search and Display

Capture in-market customers with customized search, display, and retargeting strategies that generate more website traffic and quality lead conversions.

How it works:

  • Gets more qualified leads with compelling ads served to people searching for related information.
  • Executes strategic campaigns targeted by keyword, location, time and day, network, device, ad position, and more.
  • Drives superior results with dealer-specific campaigns and customized landing pages to encourage conversions.
  • Ensures maximum value with expert budget recommendations based on transactional, behavioural, and demographic data.
  • Eliminates guesswork by using continuous ad testing to achieve fine-tuned performance.
  • Creates customized, eye-catching display ads and places them in front of online shoppers.
  • Keeps your dealership in front of shoppers during the long car-buying process with retargeting technology that gives you more chances to deliver your message to website visitors while they consider their options.


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Inventory Display Advertising

Use machine-learning and real-time bidding to showcase your inventory on wider display networks.

How it works:

  • Uses online consumer behaviour and search intent data to find new in-market shoppers.
  • Speaks to shoppers before they even begin to search for a dealership or your inventory.
  • Reaches a wider audience than traditional display advertising by placing in-image ads on premium websites on or off the Google Display Network.
  • Promotes exactly what is on your lot with real-time inventory updates.
  • Suggests a carousel of vehicles similar to ones customers have previously viewed.
  • Drives shoppers directly to specific Vehicle Detail Pages with no wasted time or clicks.
  • Reacts more quickly to changes and continually self-improve with live bid adjustment and inventory data.


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Dynamic Search Advertising

Overcome the struggle of advertising your rotating used car inventory with inventory ads updated daily. Match each car to the right buyer, all the way to make, model, year, price, and mileage levels.

How it works:

  • Creates unique Facebook ads and search ads for each used vehicle on your lot to improve shopper experience and conversions.
  • Generates ad text tailored to the specific details of each vehicle on your lot.
  • Makes exact matches to your vehicle inventory with daily stock updates.
  • Drives shoppers directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages for quick action.
  • Ensures your inventory is accurately promoted on Facebook with an automated feed from your DMS.


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Social Advertising

The average person spends 2 hours and 30 minutes on social media each day. If you want people to see your dealership and your offers, advertise where people spend their time.

How it works:

  • Reinforces your message on social media by targeting your website visitors with social ads for vehicles and services they already researched.
  • Creates customer profiles within each postal code based on market and demographic data to segment and target via likely interests and behaviours.
  • Drives actions with lead generation ads that pre-populate shopper information and sync customizable form leads directly into your CRM.
  • Moves inventory by highlighting a “Car of the Week,” low price point, or other vehicle-specific messaging using innovative ad formats like videos, slideshows, carousels, collections, and more.
  • Uses the power of personal influence and spread your brand recognition by letting users see when their friends interact with your dealership.
  • Engages customers through video ads with demonstrations, product information, special offers, or entertaining content that connects them with your brand.
  • Plays your videos to specifically-targeted audiences in paid search results, on the display network, or in related content videos on YouTube.
  • Ensures your inventory is accurately promoted on Facebook with an automated feed from your DMS.


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Video Creation Services

Boost the power of your social advertising and increase awareness across channels with custom video spots. Don’t miss out on the persuasive power of video marketing because you don’t have appropriate content or a dedicated production team.

How it works:

  • Creates professional-quality video content to drive interest and align with OEM National campaigns or your current Naked Lime campaigns.
  • Increases overall brand recognition with custom-made videos including graphics, voiceovers, and footage and imagery from your dealership.
  • Engages customers with your offers on specific vehicles using themed content based around major events or holidays.
  • Leverages proven video formats to drive the most interest on social channels rather than repurposing video designed for television.


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